2 Jan 2022

Holidays are essential feature of local communities both attracting tourists outside the community bringing people and families together to celebrate.

The Local Government Unit of Bolinao through its Bolinao Tourism Office in cooperation with Local Disaster Risk Reduction Office in partnership with National Agencies, Barangay Councils, Force Multipliers and other local offices have worked hand in hand and activated its Oplan Bakasyon 2021 through Incident Command System (ICS) that strictly adhered with the health and safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of our tourists , visitors and general public during the holiday season.

At exactly 06:00 PM today, January 2, 2022 the Incident Management Team headed by Incident Commander Ms Mary De Guzman- Tourism Officer successfully concluded its operational period with NO MAJOR INCIDENT, ZERO DROWNING AND ZERO CRIME recorded during the operarional period.
Kudos to all tourism frontliners and partner agencies who have participated in this endeavor and made Bolinao a safe tourism destination amidst the pandemic!

Wow Bolinao!