Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines - PRESIDENT GOES TO BOLINAO!

30 Dec 2021

President of the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP) Mr. Arwin Paul A. Lingat visits the "Giant Clam Capital of the Philippines" together with Mabalacat City Arts, Culture & Tourism Office on December 27-29, 2021 to conduct a Year-End Assessment and Planning Workshop and for Tourism Exchange Program for the gradual opening of their city's tourism industry amidst the adversity.

They were welcomed at the Bolinao Tourism Office by Municipal Tourism Officer Ms. Mary De Guzman and her staff on December 27, 2021 and presented the Bolinao Tourism Situation, Tourist attractions and local products that Bolinao has to offer and of course the municipality's tourism best practice. Ms Ann Lee Aguila- President of Bolinao Association of Tour Guides also presented the best practices of the local community association.

In the afternoon, they have visited the Silaqui Giant Clam Nursery which Bolinao was known for being the "Giant Clam Capital of the Philippines" and got the chance to see more than 30,000 giant clams.
On December 28, 2021, ATOP President Arwin Paul Lingat and City of Mabalacat Arts, Culture and Tourism Office paid a courtesy visit with Mayor Alfonso Celeste, MD and the group visited the Bolinao Falls 2 , 3 and had their coffees at Kopi Kubo in Bolinao Falls 1. After falls hopping, they had their lunch at the famous Sungayan Grill and experienced Balingasay River cruise, after that they had a quick swim at Enchanted Cave and witnessed the beautiful sunset at the 2nd tallest light house in the Philippines - Cape Bolinao Light House and Patar Public Beach.

On the last day, they were able to experience nature tourism at Camp Puor traversing the Balingasay River via Bargis boat. Our Binungey Vendor's Association conducted a binungey cooking demo and shared the rich cultural heritage of our municipality through gastronomic experience.

It can be recalled that the LGU of Bolinao won 2nd place in the recently concluded 22nd ATOP Convention Pearl Awards 2021 for "Best Tourism Practice during the Pandemic" on December 12, 2021. Morever, Mr. Lingat congratulated LGU Bolinao and the whole BTO team for their hard work and dedication in promoting tourism recovery and sustainability amid the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to thank the following to make this Tourism Exchange Program successful;

El Pescador Resort and Hotel
Sungayan Grill Floating Restaurant
Mangunguna Restaurant
Kawayan Nature Ph
Bolinao Falls 1, 2 & 3 Operators
Bolinao Association of Tour Guides
Kopi Kubo
Tummy Teasers
Bolinao Seafood Grill
Ciao Pizzeria by the Sea
Binungey Vendors Association (BIVA)
Gerlita's Beach Resort
Snappy salute to our uniformed personnel for providing us security assistance;
Matime Police headed by Commander Alejandro Beltran
PNP Bolinao headed by PMAJ Leonard Zacarias