Battle of the Best

26 Apr 2022

Kadaw Bolinao 2022 is a celebration of abundance vested in the municipality. As it featured the Best of the Giant Clam Capital of the Philippines on the 23rd of April, the stage was also hit by performances manifesting how incredibly talented Bolinaoens are.

Through Pasyawan, the Bolinaoens' Talent Showdown, the 12 contenders spread their wings and made the event comparable with a tree with birds singing different genres and leaves gracefully dancing through the beat. With regards to this, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners who shone the brightest during this segment.

Champion - Fire Attraction
1st runner up - Jessica Ortaliza
2nd runner up - Nemia Bandola

We likewise, congratulate and commend the other contestants who courageously spread their wings to showcase their efforts and astounding talents in this "Battle of the Best".

We continuously encourage you to embrace your God-given talent for you are one of the assets this town will always be proud of!

Photos by
Raymond C. Celeste
The Next Page Gallery
Axel Sarthou