Congratulations Bolinao Bonsai Association!

5 Apr 2022

This phrase is one of the symbols brought by the Bonsai aesthetics. This must-grow plant shares a lot of benefits to the Bonsai enthusiasts and to the environment as a whole. With it's best known contributions, the Bolinao Bonsai Society saw this as a great reason to initiate the 1st Bolinao Intramural Bonsai Show and Competition 2022 in Bolinao Promenade (near El Pescador Hotel) on April 06 to 10, 2022.

With its aim to introduce the intricate world of Bonsai art to this municipality, this one-week event also serves as a celebration of the Bonsai artists' consistent creativity, patience and love for nature. By this means, we are looking forward to the participation of the Bonsai growers to feature and share your artistic work of shaping Bonsai trees. It serves right to join us and witness this show and competition as this will provide awareness and will surely fascinate both the bonsai aficionados and the viewing public