Filomena's Eco-Farm, soon to rise eco-farm tourism site

4 Mar 2022

“Often, bumpy roads lead to beautiful places.”

This famous quote from Dave Martinez became more evident when the Local Government Unit of Bolinao under the dynamic leadership of Municipal Mayor Alfonso F. Celeste, MD in coordination with the Bolinao Tourism Office headed by Mary C. De Guzman conducted an Ocular Inspection to one of the newly discovered tourism sites in Bolinao, the Filomena’s Farm in Samang Norte, Bolinao, Pangasinan on March 03, 2022.

To assess its preparedness on its upcoming Launching Event, the almost 4-hour tour paved way to explore some of the assets present in the 20-hectare land which includes a river which provides an enjoyable swimming area for both children and adults, a relaxing view deck, a tranquil site perfect for camping, corn plants, 5,600 calamansi trees, 278 mango trees, farm animals such as goats and a carabao transporting materials using its chariot which truly show the traditional life in the province.

“Actually, that is what we want to do, let the tourists go basic or experience the old way of life”, shared by Ma’am Liza Agoot, one of the owners.

Started on July 2021, pursuing the farm’s agricultural and sanitation scheme are still on going and undeniably, it has more to offer. In realization to the objective of the visitation, the BTO together with the owners tackled minimum additional development plan on the area to become well-prepared with its public opening.

Indeed, the Municipality is rich with tourist spots which prove that after the heaps and humps along on the road, there are often beautiful destinations. Filomena’s Farm as an additional attraction shows more that Bolinao is the best place to be in not just in the country but also in the world.