11 Mar 2022

Welcome to Tourism Family; this is how the Local Government of Bolinao led by Municipal Mayor Hon. Alfonso F. Celeste M.D, along with Municipal Vice Mayor Hon. Richard C. Celeste, Bolinao Tourism Office, expressed their acknowledgement as they joined the Launching Event of the newly developed site to visit, the Filomena’s Farm in Samang Norte, Bolinao, Pangasinan on March 11, 2022.

Along with the LGU and Filomena’s Farms Board of Directors, the said event was also attended by Samang Norte Barangay Captain, Manuel Ferrer, Staffs from Manila Bulletin, residents from Samang Norte and friends and relatives of the farm’s BOD from Baguio City and La Union. The four-hour program enabled the participants to witness the activities including Ribbon Cutting, Audio Visual Presentation of Filomena’s Farm “Now and Beyond”, Unveiling of Logo, Blowing of the Candle by the Founders and Ceremonial Tree Planting.

Appreciating its huge potential, LGU expressed its excitement, its willingness to provide full support and left encouraging words for the said attraction.

“We are expressing our 100% support for the development and beautification of this project as an act of giving back to your valuable contribution to our municipality”, shared by Mayor Alfonso F. Celeste. "Just like Frank Lloyd Wright said that the good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built, we should continue taking in consideration the community and environment. We should help each other for the betterment of it since it’s not the government alone who hone or shape a place, private investors also are involved.”, added by VM Richard C. Celeste.

The program ended with a bang through engaging the attendees to a guided tour. With its beneficial and goal-oriented developmental scheme, Filomena’s Farm indeed will earn success, As the Municipal Tourism Officer, Mary C. De Guzman remarked, LGU Bolinao is excited and grateful seeing its vision which is to establish the farm not only for the founders alone but for the community as well.