ICS: Oplan Undas 2021

27 Oct 2021

In line with the unexpected onset of the COVID -19 pandemic that has challenged all of us to adapt to this constantly changing environment under extra ordinary circumstances— today, at exactly 0600H, October 27, 2021 the Local Government Unit of Bolinao thru its Incident Management Team had their Operations Briefing and activated their Incident Command System (ICS) in observance of the All Souls Day and All Saints Day dubbed as "OPLAN UNDAS 2021".

ICS will enable us to optimize our ability to better serve our community during the occurrence of either human caused or natural phenomena that requires action to prevent or minimize loss of life and damage to property, and to maintain an effective crowd management during small and large events particularly in our tourism sites frequented by our town's people, local tourists and visitors. The operation will last until November 7, 2021.