In Bolinao, We Rise As One.

16 Apr 2022

As the country is on relaxed pandemic restrictions, it cannot be denied that tourism indistry booms and continuously almost getting back to its pre-pandemic glory. It is evident on the heavy influx of tourists accommodated in the municipality of Bolinao. The rising number of travelers in this town gives an opportunity to regain business loss of resorts, hotels, and restaurant brought by the 2-year strike COVID-19 virus.

The recovery of tourism industry does not only impacted large businesses but also benefits the small entrepreneurs here in Bolinao. Sari-sari store owners, snacks such as buko juice, ice cream and taho vendors also gain income due to this pursuit. This shows that sustainable tourism does not only give advantages to one extent but also has ripple effect to the environment, economy, and community as well.

With this, we are always grateful to tourists for choosing to explore the Wow in Bolinao.