Institutionalization of SPASS

28 May 2021

Attention to all tourists inbound to Pangasinan and Bolinao:
For Tourists coming from pangasinan only need to register and apply for a tourist qrcode at government ID is needed where the Full name, Current Address and Birthdate/age can be clearly seen.(1 approved qrcode per person)
For Tourists coming from areas outside of Pangasinan with a quarantine status of MGCQ and GCQ, they first need to apply for a tourist qrcode from, once approved they can now apply for an s-pass travel coordinating permit, they should attach the valid id and qrcode from and wait for the approval. (1 approved travel coordinating permit per person)

Tourists coming from the NCR Bubble/MECQ/ECQ is not yet allowed in Pangasinan and Bolinao
Only tourists with ages between 15 to 65 years old is allowed to enter Pangasinan and Bolinao.