Launching of Tourism Song entitled "WOW BOLINAO, KAWA'NAN KATA [Mahal Kita]"

26 Apr 2022

Kawa'nan Kata Bolinao!

This exactly describes the strong yell dominating the Don Raymundo Celeste Sports Complex as the LGU, DepEd Bolinao headed by Ma'am Ruth Caalaman, EdD, National Agencies, Tourism Associations, Emergency Response Volunteers along with the guests and panelists gathered to perform the 1st Tourism Song launched during Pasyawan 2022 on the 23rd of April 2022.

This song paved way to unite the diverse personalities, specializations, and skills possessed by the members of the team through a music expressing the love for our hometown, the Giant Clam Capital of the Philippines. As this imparts embracing the beauty and proudly encouraging people to explore the Wonders of the West, it is evident that Bolinao ought to be loved and Bolinao ought to be boasted about. As locals of this town, we should always embody what one of the lyrics of the Wow Bolinao convey:

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Photos by
Raymond C. Celeste
The Next Page Gallery
Axel Sarthou