14 Dec 2021

Given the present time and the challenges brought by the COVID-19 crisis, we take pride in our various practices that empower tourism stakeholders and heighten people’s appreciation to the tourism industry. We take pride in our people and their resilient stories that bring hope and deepen our faith to our beloved Creator.

The spirit of Bayanihan was manifested by our ability to help one another especially when aiding such as subsidy grants and distribution of food packs and hygiene kits to the covid-19 patience and frontliners who were greatly affected by the situation of the tourism industry.

We believe that recovery is a shared responsibility. And so, we commit ourselves together with our partner agencies and non-government organizations in regaining tourist confidence to travel and boost local tourism once again. We have exerted our best efforts to educate the tourism-related businesses and the public regarding health and safety protocols especially in traveling. The essence of this endeavor is to ensure that in our humble place, Bolinao, we prioritize health and safety, above all.

We boast of our “Bolinao Brand of Service”, a brand that is rooted in our values and cultural identity. We encourage ourselves to hope for the best by creating opportunities that foster growth and development among our staff and the tourism frontliners to better serve our clienteles. Shifting our approaches from real to virtual was never easy but nevertheless, we have fully accepted the challenge and we pledge to continue innovating in the name of tourism until such times that we will be back to our normal routine again.

To every tourism frontliner, the scorching heat of the sun and extended duty is not a sacrifice.
To every tourism worker, providing quality service in the “New Normal” is never a burden.
But a light and shining hope in these trying times…

Together, we shall rise again as one tourism industry and as one nation.

Sa Turismo, babangon tayo!
WOW Bolinao!!