Oplan Semana Santa 2022 Operational Guidelines

12 Apr 2022

In preparation for the observance of Semana Santa 2022, the Local Government Unit of Bolinao will be activating its Emergency Operation Center (EOC) from 13-17 April 2022 as we anticipate influx of tourists during the said period. To alleviate and control the transmission of COVID-19, the following operational guidelines for the upcoming Holy Week shall be implemented.

I. Travel Requirements
1. Valid ID
2. Vaccination Cards for those coming from Alert Level 2 & 3

II. Tourist Registration
1. All visitors/tourists must register at the designated Tourism Collection Post. Environmental Fee and Registration Fee shall be collected pursuant to Municipal Ordinance No. 04-2017 known as Bolinao Tourism Code of the Municipality of Bolinao.

III. Capacity Control
a. The Tourism Office shall strictly implement 100% venue capacity of each public outdoor tourist attractions and indoor tourism-related facilities.
b. The LGU’s strict enforcement of 6:00 AM-6:00 PM operation shall apply to all public tourism sites.

IV. Safety Measures
a. Activation of Incident Command System ¬- Incident Command Post managed by the Incident Management Team shall be established on
April 13-17, 2022 in strategic areas particularly in Patar Beach and Bolinao Falls to ensure the safety and security of the general public during the operational period.
b. Smoking and drinking alcohol beverages are strictly prohibited.
c. NO overnight stay within the vicinity of Public Tourist Attractions.
d. Strict implementation of “NO Facemask, NO Entry Policy” applied to all guests. Face mask shall be worn properly at all times except swimming and eating.

V. Emergency Responses
a. LGU shall provide Isolation Unit for symptomatic guests while waiting for trained personnel to transport him or her to the nearest hospital or medical facility.
b. If someone found shows mild symptoms, ensure proper coordination with the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) or the nearest medical facility
c. Staff and Personnel shall avoid employing any discriminatory actions against any person found with mild symptoms.

VI. Review and Modification
This operation guideline shall be reviewed and modified when necessary to comply and adopt with new orders, issuances, regulations issued by the national, provincial and other concerned agencies and offices.
Please be guided accordingly!

Abaw a salamat!

Attached here is the guidelines and the sangguniang bayan resolution for adopting the guidelines of the Oplan Semana Santa 2022 in the Municipality of Bolinao