Pakaway (Outrigger)

7 Jun 2022

The Bolinao Water Sports Fest dubbed as Pakaway (Outrigger) serves as a zestful continuance of its objectives which is to promote not just the cleanest & greenest river but of prime consideration to empower community participation.

As it returned to the public to provide non-segregated spaces for water sports activities after five long years, it encourages skills development, volunteering and social, cultural, economic and environmental developments by means of immensely building social cohesion, setting templates for maintaining unity despite diversity and for establishing strong bond between locals amidst strong destructive waves of global alterations.

This triumphant event epitomizes a well-built sailboat which voyages to embrace the community's inclusion in all meaningful actions towards a municipality of stability and viability.

Music: Mangunguna Festival
Video by Richard Celeste

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