Panan'ili (Hospitality): The Best of Bolinao!

20 Mar 2022

Evidenty, this value was shown as the Local Government Unit of Bolinao under the active leadership of Municipal Mayor Hon. Alfonso F. Celeste, MD in cooperation with Sangguniang Bayan chaired by the ever supportive Municipal Vice Mayor Hon. Richard C. Celeste thru its Bolinao Tourism Office headed by Mary C. De Guzman welcomed the visitors and tourists in Bolinao's exhibit at the Opening of Tourism and Food Expo 2022 of City of Alaminos on March 19, 2022.

BTO offered tourists opportunity to experience "Bolinao under one roof". The exhibit presented the municipality's products such as Pinalig (dried fish), binungey, fruits, buri handicrafts, Amaguey rope, brochures, photographs of the municipality's tourist attractions, relic of giant clam, Patar Beach cream fine sand and paintings made by the Bolinao Artists Guild. It also demonstrated the actual buri weaving and portrait making of artists from Bolinao Buri Association and BAGui. As an additional act of showcasing the talents of Bolinaoans, a dance presentation of the active BTO staffs with Bolido and Anao, the official mascots of Bolinao also served as an entertainment to the visitors.

The event was made happier and more interesting by activities such as photobooth, and games which offers souvenirs and gift vouchers to the winners. This gift vouchers serve free accomodation to some of tourist attractions and hotels in Bolinao. The exhibit showed not just the delicious delicacies, beauteous products and destinations in the municipality but also showed the talent and supportiveness of the LGU, investors and its people.

It was obvious that seeing the active participation and smiles of the tourists who visited the booth left happiness and thirst quenching attitude to the LGU as they witness people recognizing their efforts.

Truly, appreciations from people are treated by the Bolinaoans as an additional victory.