The Evolution of Bolinao Municipal Hall.

7 May 2022

Although a lot of circumstances challenged the municipality's stability, numerous accomplishments in different aspects remained steadfastly achieved through the positive nature of the locals. The laudable cooperation and support of the western wonders' enhancers indisputably shaped the Bolinao of tomorrow. In relation to this, the municipality acquired necessary factors used to realize better alterations and additions of the town's major infrastructures and other beneficial projects.

Included in these is the establishment of new Bolinao Municipal Hall. As the center of municipal government, this project aims to build a 3-storey structure providing a larger emplacement to maintain, grow and improve public services. The said current scheme is carried out through the MUNICIPAL SAVINGS from the local government revenues such as taxes, charges and fees. This is in attainment of accommodating community's views to public issues since it's the citizens' welfare that Local Government Unit of Bolinao always prioritize. Such achievement proves that whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.

Helping Others is a Way of Thanking God….