There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about

3 Jun 2022

As expressed by American writer, Margaret J. Wheatley, this must be the principle carried out by the Local Government Unit of Bolinao under the leadership of Municipal Mayor Hon. Alfonso F. Celeste MD with its Sangguniang Bayan chaired by Municipal Vice Mayor Hon. Richard C. Celeste along with Bolinao Tourism Office headed by Ms. Mary C. De Guzman and working committee from different departments as they pursued purposeful ideas which came up with diverse activities conducted in the recently celebrated National Fisherfolk's Day dubbed as Pakaway (Outrigger) which involved the community of all ages and gender at Balingasay River on May 31, 2022.

With different water sports activities which promote engagement of Bolinaoens, this event successfully attain the goals of LGU Bolinao- to empower the locals' capabilities, cater their interests, boost their self-esteem, sustain excellence and uplift their sense of belongingness which are truly catalysts to a better and progressive nation.
"May this remind us that we are on the same boat, instances may sometimes separate us, but we are binded as we have one goal- that is to make a stable and strong Bolinao, Pangasinan", expressed by VM Richard.

As LGU Bolinao believes that the greatness of a community can be measured through its members who participate actively in the work and progress of the municipality and the world as a whole, this event is an embodiment of continuous support of public servants to locals in different aspects. The activities held truly belong to the town's accomplishments which essentially mold the Bolinao of tomorrow.

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