Weekend Tourist Assitance

5 Mar 2022

“A life lived in the service to others is worth living.”

As part of their dedication to service, the Local Government Unit of Bolinao under the dynamic leadership of Municipal Mayor Alfonso F. Celeste, MD thru its Bolinao Tourism Office is continuously serving the tourists and visitors with utmost assistance as they explore the numerous tourism sites throughout the municipality.

BTO personnel provides support in areas which includes tourist registration, travel information, medical services, payment of user's fee, and maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the gems of the municipality. For continuous compliance with sanitation and tourism-related programs, standard health and safety protocols, solid waste management, balancing destination and marketing management were strictly implemented.

Amidst the challenges brought about by the pandemic, the advocates of tourism development of the municipality constantly equipping themselves with knowledge and skills to be well-prepared with providing prompt service to the increasing number of tourists as summer is about to knock on our door.