The Local Government unit of Bolinao joins the global tourism industry as it celebrates the Annual Tourism Month this September 2020. In line with this, through Bolinao Tourism Office (BTO), will be spearheading the Bolinao TOURISM MONTH CELEBRATION 2020 with the theme, “Tourism: Buidling Peace! Fostering Knowledge!”


Highlights of the celebration are as follows:

  1. Fanart Featuring Bolido & anao Contest (RULES)  (rEGISTER)

  2. Flex your Barangay Contest(RULES)  (rEGISTER)

  3. Rise as one Dance Contest(RULES)  (rEGISTER)

  4. Tanda Mo'y Ti Online Quiz Bee(RULES)

  5. Bolido & Anao Cosplay Contest(RULES)  (rEGISTER)

  6. #Baliktanawbolinao throwbaCK PHOTO CONTEST(RULES)  (rEGISTER)

  7. Launching of Funshine Immunity Boosting course (details)

  8. Pcvb-Nlex Onsite Rfid installation activity(details)


these events will be staged in a digital/online platform, this month-long celebration will be dedicated to building friendships, fostering common knowledge, empowering tourism stakeholders, reviving tourism businesses, and improving the present state of BOLINAO’s tourism industry.

We invite all Bolinaoans, especially the youth and students, those interested in promoting local ACTIVITIES, or those wanting to  to join and participate in this year’s activities.

bolinao tOURISM mONTH 2020